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“ Al Carroll”

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I'm Me! I have my view and I always try to see the lighter and more humorous side. There are feelings and emotions within me. I'm complex, not complicated. I'm passionate and very in depth with my thoughts. I study myself first and am very honest with me about me. Chances are that if I see something in you, it is because I once found it in myself. Good or bad.

I have heart. I have mind. I have jokes. I understand that you cant please everyone all the time... And I'm good with that!


Hailing from Delaware (ikr?), Al Carroll has rocked stages like the Comedy Cabaret in Philly, The New York Comedy Club, The Atlantic City Comedy Club, Magooby’s Joke House Baltimore MD, Dangerfields NYC, and the Taj Mahal Casino to name a few. His honest take on life and it’s changes over the last 50 years are not only jaw dropping funny, but eye opening as well.

I am also a very effective corporate and public writer and speaker as well. I’ve been a direct sales professional since 1992. Please let me if you need any other references or have any other requests!

~Al Carroll